The money we raise is received from a number of different sources.
Traditional Charitable Fundraising Methods We host charity dinners, conduct campaigns, promote events, initiate challenges and other fun activities. We also raise money through the public via sponsorship and generous donations. Business Initiatives We work with key business partners to produce products and promotional tie-ins that are revenue generating. Commercial Endorsements We also raise funds through the cooperation and goodwill we receive from well-known personalities and artists who support our work and offer access to their own products and brands for commercial benefit.
IF seeks to work with and compliment the efforts of other charities working to promote the issues of children, communities and the environment both in the UK and around the world.



IF is committed to assisting child welfare programmes both in the UK and worldwide. We fundraise for the benefit of all children regardless of their social background, sex, age or religion. Our fundraising focuses on four main objectives:

  • Health
  • Hunger
  • Education
  • Protection


We believe that strong communities result in stable societies. We support the growth and development of safe, prosperous and healthy communities both here in the UK and worldwide. We fundraise for the benefit of all communities regardless of their demographic make-up, focusing on 4 main objectives:

  • Providing housing
  • Regeneration & Development
  • Tackling anti-social Behaviour
  • Providing sustainable Livelihoods


We believe in responsible interaction between people and the environment. We also believe that ‘greener’ solutions to human problems can be found and should be sought through ‘eco-friendlier’ methods that make better utilisation of natural resources. We fundraise in support of these issues where possible. Our focus is on 2 main objectives:

  • Water
  • Clean energy