The words Harmony and Humanity no longer appear together in the same sentence whereas they used to go hand-in-hand. For the last few decades the world has been increasingly filled with Injustice, Poverty and Exploitation – while we all watched on with glazed eyes. At iF we envisage a future free from these modern evils that have plagued us and driven us away from our humble origins. The way we work towards this is to achieve positive change through creative campaigns able to inspire and engage the masses. No if’s or buts – It’s time to inspire people and transform lives.

IF is a UK registered charity that began it’s life by having aspirations to help people bring the best out of themselves. IF people;

  • Seek to overcome limitations
  • Having a positive outlook on life and putting the fun back into life
  • Work together


thumbIn essence IF Charity wants to sweep aside all Ifs and Buts to achieve something amazing to help others. We want people to realise that they can make a difference through small individual actions.
Consisting of inspiring, creative and energetic individuals with a talent and flair for the unusual, we focus on executing fun and innovative fundraising campaigns for worthwhile causes. Our aim is to work closely with a wide range of charities and other organisations so as to compliment their work, support their efforts and to raise funds to assisting them in continuing their invaluable work.

Our formula for raising funds is simple: our campaigns aim to inspire people and maximise fun, whilst increasing the personal satisfaction obtained through the act of giving selflessly. We have a three- fold approach to achieving our goals;
Raising money through public participation in innovative and fun challenges, campaigns and fundraising projects. Informing and education We promote social change through the use of short films, documentaries and images highlighting the causes that we support. Distributing the funds we raise to well-known and responsible charities both in the UK and abroad.

Our approach to fundraising is based on the three ‘Ps’:

  • People – we aim to maximise the number of people that our campaigns appeal to irrespective of their social, religious or ethnic background
  • Partnership – we seek to work with and alongside other organisations in a spirit of goodwill and cooperation
  • Promotion – we aim to maximise the publicity our campaigns attract in order to raise awareness and generate support for the causes we promote